• Andrea Patrick Byrne

    Andrea Patrick Byrne

    Composer Biography

    Andrea Patrick Byrne moved to Lancashire with her Irish parents at the age of seven. She returned to London in 1986 where she continues to live and work.

    In 2006 Byrne completed an M.A. in Fine Art at Central St. Martins School of Art, University of the Arts where her work moved toward installation as well as painting. In 2007 she exhibited four site specific installations at 20 Hoxton Square Gallery’s inaugural group show, followed by a further group show in the same year titled From Outside; exhibiting installation works across various London city churches.

    In March 2015 two of Byrne’s audiovisual installations Twinkle (2015) and Hush Hush Cecilia (2014) were selected by The Engine Room International Sound Art Competition & Exhibition curated by Camilo Salazar.

  • Shortlisted 2015
    Category Sonic art
    Work Twinkle

    About this work

    Taking the 1960s singer Twinkle as a compositional focus of the installation by using short manipulated extracts from her most popular songs the work addresses notions of the allure of fame and its possible consequences. In 1965 Twinkle aged 16 years was the first British female singer / songwriter to gain major success writing her own material yet before her 18th birthday she had retired from the music industry. Tired with the constraints her record company imposed on her they wanted Twinkle to record material written by others. In effect her creative authentic voice was muted by the machinations of the music industry.

    The sound installation incorporates an original 1960’s record shop sound booth, the turntable of a 1960s record player and an original 45rpm Golden Lights pressing. The record booth itself incorporates Swarovski crystals in reference to the singers name and a hopefully desired mesmeric experience both sonorously and visually. The manipulated composition has a purposeful feel of interruption; one song crashing into another, as if the listener should be hurriedly copying down favourite lyrics as the tunes slide out of earshot from one decade to another.

    Twinkle was exhibited at The Engine Room International Sound Art Exhibition Morley Gallery London from 15th February 2015.



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